Tea To Go

CLIENT:  Amman Tea House

FILED: Identity

YEAR: 2017


The mimicry of brand identity and design of the product which it seeks to represent is one of the subtle yet significant features of sound design. This is how story which design seeks to tell is told accurately and with loyalty to the true protagonist; the product.

This is represented explicitly in the logo and pattern designs we created for Tea To Go. Backed by a passionate entrepreneur who truly loved and believed in her product, it wasn’t long before we too fell in love with Tea to Go. It is always a joy to work with a client who enjoys a great passion for their work and who has a clear, distinct vision for what she wants to achieve.

The simplicity of the product, its freshness, both in content and in idea, and its inherently Arabic character, underpinned our design thinking process. The fluidity of the font is reflective of the tea is described. The emphasis of the (3en) highlights the easy, grab and go purpose of the product, the geometric shapes reminiscent of the pavement prevalent across our beloved city of Amman. Similarly, the colors and shapes we used evoke a sense of familiarly with the product, in both substance and in form.

The result is a design that is proud of what is seeks to represent, and which tells a real and believable story.