At MSD we believe in a holistic, progressive approach to design that is also mindful of historical context and cultural nuance.

Modernity imbued with respect for history; new, cutting edge techniques that look to the future was also evoking nostalgic feelings of past wonder and achievement. We believe in the transformative power of design, its ability to evoke a new vision of the future, a way to reframe our understanding of the past.

We offer our clients a diverse range of services, all underlined by two main philosophies.

The FIRST is realizing our clients’ vision to its maximum potential. The SECOND is excellence in performance.

Imaginative ideas require excellence in performance to come to fruition, we believe that creativity and technical performance are two facets of the same proverbial coin, each facilitates and is dependent on the other. We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and take pride in playing a part in our clients’ journey.

We offer our services under two main heads, graphic design, and pattern design.


Under our graphic design practice, we provide clients with a wide range of services including brand identity and logo design, editorial creation and editing, marketing campaign design, website design, and much more.
We adopt a flexible and purpose-oriented approach to our graphic work, adaptive based on the clients’ needs and vision for their business, products or service.


Under our second head, pattern design and creation, we offer insightful, intellectual, brand-oriented pattern designs to be printed on any printable material, including paper, fabric, and acrylic, to name a few. Currently our focus is paper print designs of all varieties and mediums, but are designs can be printed, laser-cut or digitally applied on a variety of different mediums, depending on available printing technology and access to materials.

While distinct in application, our services are unified in methodology and follow the same design thinking process; how we can achieve our clients’ vision to its utmost potential. The services can be integrated and offered as a single cohesive service. This is particularly relevant for clients whose business, product or service utilizes brand-centric or band-oriented patterns or motifs as part of their brand identity.

By harmonizing the design thinking and output process, we can offer our clients a band and pattern design suite that provides seamless integration and unified brand identity.


Once a year we support a startup, community organization, social cause or movement, to connect with their audience through functional and beautiful graphic design.

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We create original, modern bespoke graphic and pattern designs for clients seeking to elevate their brand.


Where design and tradition come together to create tailored and original patterns.

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