Born and raised in Jordan, with summers often spent in Bethlehem with my aunt who practices as an interior architect, I spent my childhood surrounded by design, art and color. Immersed in a world of excellent practitioners, my aunt would show me how to express an idea, and then how to bring it to life from the humble confines of the paper on which it began.

My experiences were tactile and real, seen, felt, and understood. These experiences helped create a visual library of design and expression that, to this day, comprise a fundamental part of who I am as a designer.

As a student of graphic design later in my life, I found a deep passion in the form of visual communication inherent in graphic design. After graduating, I worked in design and advertising in Amman, where I remained for seven years.

I later took the skills I gained there forward into my subsequent role as Corporate Communications Manager and Gallery Director at Zara Gallery in Amman, where I spent eight years exploring the dichotomy between the purity of artistic expression and practical demands of running an art-centric business.

In 2014, I felt like my role in corporate communications and art direction had come to a natural conclusion. This when I started my independent graphic design practice. With this, Marianne Sahouri Design was born. As I was establishing my practice, I also began experimenting with a new way to look at and use embroidery through graphic design. I was intrigued by the notion of bringing pattern design which had historically been confined to embroidery and textile stitching to a modern, digitalized outlet.

This lead to the creation of PrintheStitch, a project of Marianne Sahouri Design. Through PrintheStitch I found my voice in surface pattern design. PrintheStitch brings surface pattern design to twenty first century expression. It explores relationship between culture and history as expressed through the lens of modern expression. Marianne Sahouri Design is an innovator in this form of design, and I am proud to bring this project to world, in all its potential.


Once a year we support a startup, community organization, social cause or movement, to connect with their audience through functional and beautiful graphic design.

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