Hypnotherapy ME with Natasha

CLIENT:  Natasha Quariab

FILED: Identity

YEAR: 2019


Design becomes inherently more personal and delicate when the design work is intended to represent a person, and the personal service they provide, as contrasted with a commercial product. This was the case with Hypnotherapy Me with Natasha. 

Natasha is Hypnotherapy professional offering explorations into the human psyche with the purpose of growth and healing. Her calm and self-assured nature is reflected in the soft pastel colors and eloquent color grading.

The font used is freehand to reflect the uninhibited freedom innate in Natasha and the sessions she offers, and, which might be found within the human mind.

We chose to use clouds as they represent the softness by which Natasha guides her clients through their subconscious. A journey into familiar yet unexplored regions, that, at the end, brings a person into a place of peace and tranquility.

•    •    •