“For me, design is a form of expression, a potential driver for change and progress.
It is an idea driven by purpose, and realized through performance.
Design is the reason and the vehicle for my passion to create.”

At MSD design we believe in a holistic, progressive approach to design that is also mindful of historical context, and cultural nuance. Modernity imbued with respect for history; new, cutting edge techniques that look to the future was also evoking nostalgic feelings of past wonder and achievement. We believe in the transformative power of design, its ability to evoke a new vision to the future, a way to reframe our understanding of the past.

At MSD we are proud of our Arab cultural and tradition. Many of our designs celebrate our rich history of design expression, utilize the patterns and prints long resident in our cultural fabric in modern, cutting edge methodologies and through the use of new, innovative techniques.

We offer our clients a diverse range of services, all underlined by two main philosophies. The first is realizing our clients’ vision to its maximum potential. The second is excellence in performance.

Imaginative ideas require excellence in performance to come to fruition, we believe that creativity and technical performance are two facets of the same proverbial coin, each facilitates and is dependent on the other. We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and take pride in playing a part in our clients’ journey.


  • Madrasati Initiative
  • Royal Hashemite Court
  • Al Balad Theater
  • DCAF : Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces
  • Kuwait Petroleum International

Marianne Sahouri

Born and raised in Jordan, with summers often spent in Bethlehem with my aunt who practiced as an interior architect, I spent my childhood surrounded by design, art and color. My aunt would take me to project sites, and workshops, and would show me how to express an idea, and then how to bring it to life from the humble confines of the paper on which it began. My experiences were tactile and real, seen, felt, and understood. These experiences helped create a visual library of design and expression that, to this day, comprise a fundamental part of who I am as a designer.

As a student of graphic design later in my life, I found a deep passion in the form of visual communication inherent in graphic design. My childhood playthings had become my world of work, and in that I found a sense of fulfillment. After graduating, I worked in design and advertising in Amman, where I remained for seven years. This field gave me an avenue to practice design, as well as gain a solid grasp over pertinent business considerations. I later took those skills forward into my subsequent role as corporate Communications Manager and Gallery Director at Zara Gallery in Amman, where I spent eight years exploring the dichotomy between the purity of artistic expression and practical demands of running an art-centric business.

While I enjoyed my work greatly, I slowly started longing for the more tactile experiences of my earlier life. This inclination to go back to creating design was amplified and emboldened by experience working with passionate and capable artists and designers from across the Arab World. In 2014, I felt like my role in corporate communications and art direction had come to a natural conclusion. This when I started my independent graphic design practice. With this, Marianne Sahouri Design was born. As I was establishing my practice, I also began experimenting with a new way to look at and use embroidery through graphic design. I was intrigued by the notion of bringing pattern design which had historically been confined to embroidery and textile stitching to a modern, digitalized outlet. This lead to the creation of PrintheStitch, a limb of Marianne Sahouri Design. Through PrintheStitch I found my voice in surface pattern design.


Once a year we support a startup, community organization, social cause or movement, to connect with their audience through functional and beautiful graphic design.

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We create original, modern bespoke graphic and pattern designs for clients seeking to elevate their brand.


A new spirit and approach, providing an alternative application to traditional embroidery. 


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