A visual concept of motif provides the entryway to re-imagining tradition.

Here we utilize kirigami-esque techniques, where the simple folding of a sheet of paper yields playful three-dimensional designs, even as we call upon the “Cypress Tree,” a common motif in traditional Palestinian embroidery.

This interplay between Paper and Motif lies at the heart of PrintheStitch, which follows a graphical approach that pushes embroidery far beyond textiles and the confines of stitching. Instead, it liberates motifs to be part of a larger, coordinated project that melds the traditional with technology.

The POP-UP MOTIF was part of #EndlessHorizons exhibition for The Ahliyyah School for Girls & Bishop's School for Boys, during Amman Design Week 2019.

Endless Horizons” made possible by the Ahliyyah & Mutran’s community

6 - 12 October 2019

Ahliyyah & Mutran